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During The Last Forty Years, Thousands of Studies and Research Documents Have Been Published Proving That Magnesium Is A Crucial Nutrient Supporting
More Than 300 Functions In Your Body!
Medical Professionals Discuss Magnesium...

Dr. Mildred Seelig, M.D.
"Two-thirds of people with diabetes die of some form of heart disease, and low magnesium levels are associated with both diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is evident that low magnesium is linked with these chronic illnesses and death."

You May Already Know That Magnesium Plays Several Major Roles
In Your Body. When Magnesium Levels Are Lower Than Normal,
This Dynamically Affects Sugar Balance, Blood Pressure, Cognitive Ability, Metabolism, Bone Density, And Flexibility, Just To Name A Few...

That's Why So Many People Take Magnesium To Supplement Their Diet.

You Will Be Surprised To Find Out,
The Vast Majority Of Magnesium Supplements,
Not Only Fail To Deliver The Results You Want,
But Many Of These Products, Are Actually
Harmful To Your Health!

Discover For Yourself, The
'Only' Magnesium That Is Perfectly Compatible And Safe For Your Body!


From: Ian Clark

RE: The Perfect Magnesium Product.

Dear Health Conscious Friend,

What I'm about to reveal to you is so potent, so powerful, so perfect; you may be shocked to find out what is really going on with magnesium supplementation, and how you can personally overcome this.

magnesiumEvery magnesium supplement that we investigated was found to contain unacceptable levels of contaminants and impurities. This is because the companies that make them have used the cheapest possible magnesium raw materials.

This is an atrocity! Magnesium is so important for maintaining excellent health and avoiding serious diseases. How could anyone even think about cheating when it comes to one of the most important nutrients your body needs every day?

Our passion for magnesium came from many years of detailed study. What we learned about magnesium created so much excitement that we set out to make the perfect magnesium product!

Even though we have access to any magnesium we want, our research led us to the most valuable, completely pure, magnesium that works perfectly in the human body!

How To Tell The Difference Between A 'Pure' Magnesium Product vs. Contaminated Magnesium Supplements

Following five years of analysis and market studies, we have created the following charts which reveal the actual realities of the magnesium supplement business.

Extensive studies revealed that magnesium supplements have little to no beneficial effect, and are proven to be harmful in many ways when ingested orally.

Based on these studies, we created a perfect solution that ensures the daily required magnesium, in it's purest form, is being supplied to every cell in your body with ZERO side effects.

You Don't Have To Look Too Far
To Make An Intelligent Choice

Type of Magnesium Orally Ingested Absorbed
through the skin
Purity % Impurities % Bio-Availability
Magnesium Infusion™ No Yes 100% 0% 100%
Magnesium capsules Yes No 1-2% 98-99% 3-4%
Magnesium tablets Yes No 3-4% 96-97% 5-8%
Magnesium powder (activated) Yes No 4-8% 92-96% 20-30%
Magnesium bath flakes Yes Yes 6-10% 90-94% 2-3%
Magnesium oil No Yes 31.5% 68.5% 18-19%

Type of Magnesium Side Effects Harmful to Kidneys Can Cause Diarrhea Causes Dehydration Causes Skin Irritation
Magnesium Infusion™ No No No No No
Magnesium capsules Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Magnesium tablets Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Magnesium powder (activated) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Magnesium bath flakes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Magnesium oil Yes No No Yes Yes

We have actual validation proving
Magnesium Infusion™ to be the only
magnesium anyone should ever use.

Top 5 Reasons Magnesium Infusion™ Is The Only One To Use:

#1 The Only Ingredient In Magnesium Infusion™ is a 'Pharmaceutical Grade' Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate derived using a critical extraction method from Dead Sea Minerals.

#2 The Hexahydrate Factor: This is a specific structure of the magnesium molecule that retains the magnesium in your body until it is fully utilized.

#3 Pure Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate that is extracted from Sea Minerals is instantly compatible with human blood plasma.

#4 Our Exclusive Method of transforming the raw material into a 'Fully Saturated' fluid form that is instantly absorbable through your skin on contact.

#5 Completely free of heavy metals, environmental toxins, and any other contaniments. Perfectly safe for anyone at any age to use.

How Do I Know If
I Am Magnesium Deficient?

Take A Self-Checkup To See For Yourself!

Here Is A List Of Common Symptoms Indicating 'Magnesium Deficiency'

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency Never Sometimes Often All The Time
Being Irritable or Anxious
Feeling Lethargic or Run Down
Having Short Term Memory Gaps
Less Cognitive Function Than Normal
Poor Digestion
Occasional Muscular Weakness
Annoying Muscle Spasms
Painful Muscle Cramps
Periodic Muscle Twitching
Often Tired After A Meal
Unable to Get Into A Deep Sleep
Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency Never Sometimes Often All The Time
Irregular Heart Beat
Easily Depressed
Getting Migraines or Cluster Headaches
Low Bone Density Issues
If you are a Woman - Painful Menstrual Cramps
If you are a Pregnant Woman - Morning Sickness
Chest Pain Or Signs Of Angina
High Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar Imbalances
Breathing Difficulties or Asthma

If You Have Even 'One Or More' Of These Symptoms,
Your Body is Crying For Magnesium.

How To Easily Top Up Your Magnesium Reserves Quickly - And Start Feeling It The First Day!

What are your first steps to filling up your magnesium reserves, and keeping them there for the rest of your life?

#1 After a bath or shower, spray Magnesium Infusion™ on your chest, shoulders, arms and legs. Gently massaging it in as you go.

#2 You can do this as many times a day as you like, and it's wonderful right before you go to bed to give you a deep rest.

#3 You can use it on your teeth to support healthy enamel, and reduce unfriendly bacteria.

#4 You can spray it on your hands and apply it to your face (Making sure you avoid your eyes), supporting a healthy glow.

#5 Enjoy using it to enhance a foot massage or general massage (avoiding sensitive spots).

#6 Can be used to quickly cauterize and sterilize a cut, but be aware it will sting when you use it for this purpose.

#7 Rub it in to any aches, pains, stiff muscles or joints and enjoy the fast relief.

You are Just a Few Sprays Away From Feeling
The Best You Have Felt In Years!

Magnesium Infusion™ adds priceless quality to your own life and the lives of your loved ones. Within minutes people report elevated moods. In a little as 30 seconds, people report relief of inflammation, and tension melts out of joints and muscles.

Here is what is going to happen the moment you start using Magnesium Infusion: You will feel more relaxed and calm. You will have deeper sleeps. Your aches and pains will be diminished and ultimately melted away over time.

Once people try this out for themselves and find out it works, they start sharing it with their family and friends with beautiful results.

Anyone who has an ache or some stiffness - just spray it on, tell them to gently rub it in and watch them start smiling in a minute as it works it's magic!

The wonderful thing is, Magnesium Infusion™ has no scent and does not stain clothing as it quickly disappears into the body. There are 850 sprays in each 125 ml bottle of Magnesium Infusion. It normally lasts one month but you can use it as liberally as you like.

You can spray it on any skin surface other than around the eyes or mucous membranes. It works great directly on the teeth to support healthy enamel and reduce unwanted bacteria in the mouth.

Spraying it on the upper chest before and after the main meals of the day further assist your body to balance your blood sugar.

Guaranteed For 60 Days!

You'll have 60 days to put Magnesium Infusion to the test. Using this amazing product for 60 days and beyond, I promise you... your life will have beautifully transformed for the better!

The cool thing is, you won't even have to wait that long. You'll start feeling it the first time you use it!

Your family and friends are going to love you even more than they do already! Anxiety will dissolve into the mist and you will be in a great mood within minutes.

I can't make this any easier and more risk-free for you. You have absolutely nothing to lose here. In fact, you will only experience the power of Magnesium flowing through your body bringing that 'Much Needed' energy you will use all day long...

Get your supply of Magnesium Infusion™ Now!

Yours in Good Health,

Ian Clark
Managing Director of Activation Products Inc.

Yes! I want to experience the power of Magnesium Infusion™ and feel better than I have in years!

I am excited to begin using Magnesium Infusion™ and gain the peace of mind that I am giving myself the absolute best quality magnesium on the market and securing for myself excellent health for years to come.

I understand that I must FEEL the difference Magnesium Infusion™ makes or I can return the unused portion and get a FULL REFUND.

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