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The revolutionary PanaSeeda blend significantly increases your health on many levels!

Every organ in your body from brain, heart, respiratory, digestive, muscles and joints from head to toe are dynamically enhanced when you add PanaSeeda to your diet making your life a pure joy to be alive!

For the first time EVER - seeds have been unlocked without ANY damage...

PanaSeeda seeds contain the DNA "blueprint of life" and are the perfect blend of nutritional seed oils containing 100% Life Energy, using - the most advanced German "instant press" technology!

When you put Panaseeda in your body,

Here's just a few ways your body thanks you...

Activation Products and PanaSeeda exist only to get healthy people healthier. The fact that dis-ease ceases to exist is just one of the numerous benefits you'll receive when you become one of the first people in history to eat this Beyond Superfood. Rebuild the original, unharmed biological state of healthy DNA. Rid your body of age-creating invaders, like microbes, heavy metals, abnormal cells and free radicals. Experience the kind of unlimited energy you never even knew was possible. Effortlessly excel in absolutely everything you do; create better relationships and produce unprecedented financial results in your job or business.

Panaseeda's Pure Seed Oils Provide More Health Benefits
Than You Can Literally Keep Track Of..

  • PanaSeeda soothes inflammation throughout your entire body and empowers every cell to glow with genuine health.

  • Panaseeda supplies the fatty acids needed by the body to make prostaglandin hormones (increases sexual desire in both men and women!)

  • The Panaseeda oils help support red blood cell health, unblocks arteries, and decrease the incidence of blood clots!

  • Panaseeda helps strengthen muscle and skeletal development, remineralize your cells, and supplies a powerful source of natural antioxidants & essential amino acids!

  • Panaseeda helps keep your skin clearer than ever, and helps your body retain moisture (no more chapped lips, irritated skin, or dried out hair!)

  • The Panaseeda blend helps build & support a strong immune system, and helps protect your body from heart disease and cancer!

  • Plus, you can enjoy rapid weight loss using PanaSeeda as a complete meal replacement. Every time you are hungry - take a teaspoon of the oil in a glass of water!


And the list goes on and ON...


PanaSeeda is the ONLY organic, raw, instant-pressed, shelf stable, "therapeutic" seed oil blend available - ANYWHERE!

This is what we had in mind when we formulated Panaseeda.

And why

Panaseeda Delivers
A Synergistic "5-Seed" Blend for TOTAL Vitality...

: Helps in regulating the level of cholesterol and also reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease and arteriosclerosis, and certain cancers. A powerful anti-inflammatory, pumpkin seed oil also halts unhealthy formations, such as kidney stones.

Sesame: High in vitamin E, It also contains sesaminol and sesamin, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease and may protect the body from cancer. Also very high in B-complex vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals. An anti-bacterial & provides kidney support.

Flax: Provides general well being and whole body nutrition and is considered to be nature's richest source of omega-3 fatty acids that are required for the health of almost all body systems. Also high in omega-6, 9, essential fatty acids, B vitamins, and minerals.

Sunflower: Healthy for our cardiovascular system. It contains ample amounts of vitamin E and high levels of the essential fatty acids that cannot be produced from within our bodies. Sunflower also provides skin & cardiovascular support.

Coriander: Found in King Tut's Tomb, a tonic for the heart and stomach. A natural aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal. Also a known home remedy for diabetes, coriander supports the pancreas, liver, spleen, and digestive system.

Simply put...

The 5-Seed Panaseeda Oil Blend - is the only cell
fuel your body needs to absolutely flourish!

These are the 5-seeds that - unified - enable Panaseeda's power of health.

Plus, these aren't just any regular seeds off the block...

We have a STRICT sourcing standard:


Sourced From The Best Places On Earth.

We are very careful to buy only certified organic seeds that are fresh harvested.

Each batch has to meet a strict criteria for freshness.

The seed oil batches are lab tested for quality showing far superior numbers than any other oils on the market.

The combination of careful sourcing and high technology press operations result in stable, fully beneficial, therapeutic seed oils.

In the PanaSeeda 5 seed blend - all seeds are certified organic and tested for freshness on every batch.

Because of the sensitivity of the oils, we take this process VERY SERIOUSLY.

Here at Activation Products, we have a purpose:


We are extremely passionate about only providing the BEST...

Panaseeda is something you MUST experience to truly understand.

Take my word for it and do NOT deprive yourself - of the vitality hidden in your cells!

Once you feel it, the "dot's will connect" and you'll intuitively understand it's vital importance.

Let me paint a picture for you here...

I want you to STOP for a minute.


Imagine The Most Surreal Levels of Health,
Vitality, Mental Acuity... and Passion.

Now, Imagine Something GREATER Than That.

This is what I'm talking about.

...And I want YOU to be EXCITED!

Here's why:

"When you have the intact life-force - instilling building blocks to elevate your health, expanding your wellbeing becomes childs-play."

...Your cells will begin to thrive with power.

....Your blood will become cleaner.

.....Your organs will function more optimally.

......And you are going to FEEL 100 times better!

Disease? ...Will be a threat of your past.

But nothing I can say is going to communicate the reality you will experience...

Nothing I say will let you FEEL Panaseeda's dramatic effects...

So, I'm going to make this REALLY EASY for you:

Take The Panaseeda Challenge:

I firmly KNOW you're going to *LOVE* the Panaseeda oils in your body!

So much so, that I'll gladly "put my money where my mouth is"....

"Try Panaseeda For Yourself - And You Will Experience A Wonderful Boost In Your Wellbeing!

All of our Products are backed with a full money back Guarantee -
because the truth is... Everyone Loves PanaSeeda
and we are very confident that you will too."

And I know you're going to too!

I promise it will be one of the very best health decisions you've made in your life and this is something that has increasing benefits the longer you keep it in your high level health protocol.

And while I know that's a BIG declaration... we all know, because we're living it!

It's that simple.

I'm passionate...

I'm excited...

I'm inspired...

To give YOU the opportunity to elevate your health every day going forward!

That's what happens when you simply add in the missing pieces of the puzzle that makes you so healthy, you simply feel better and better every day going forward!

I promise you are about to FEEL life in a whole new light...

Add PanaSeeda to your healthy lifestyle and

...You have EVERYTHING to gain here!

It's time for your health to get elevated...

It's time for you to experience the energetic-vibration of healthy, vibrant cells.

It's time for you to FEEL BETTER than you did as a kid!

...And it's time for you to EXPERIENCE PANASEEDA:



A Fork in the Road.

Currently, this is a limited window of opportunity.

You need to make a decision, quickly...

I'm inviting you to leave behind the "rotting-health paradigm" and join me in leveraging the single greatest life-force-creating advancement you may ever have the opportunity to embrace.

You'll want to make your decision on this right now...

Here's the real deal...

We're only able to produce so much PanaSeeda.

There are only three of these exclusive seed oil machines producing Panaseeda each day.

Since every detail has to be monitored and controlled to ensure the top quality every time, we are not rushing to mass produce this oil.

At least, not for a while... we do have plans to significantly grow our production capacity over the next few years.

That means...

As of TODAY - there's a limited amount of PanaSeeda available for sale to the public.

So for now, consider yourself privileged for being exposed to this letter.

You're one of the few...

P.S. When I say there's a limited amount of PanaSeeda available for sale to the public, that's not hype; that's not fake scarcity. If you're serious about elevating your health, this moment may be the most important 60 seconds for your health. Do yourself a favor and secure your Panaseeda NOW!

FEEL BETTER... Or It's Yours FREE!



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